Graffiti from around the world - Aaron elliott

This is a collection of Graffiti from around the world, mostly from the UK and America, but with a few pieces from other parts of the world. These pieces have been selected from the Google Art Project website, and are collected here in a single collection of my personal favorites. 

New York Graffiti, Stephane Bisseuil, 1994, From the collection of: Museum of Street Art
I wanted to start with what an example of some more common street art. This mural is an excellent example of the crazy colors, and typography that most US street artists learn starting out.
Intervenciones en el Soho, Obey, D*Face, ROA, 2013, From the collection of: Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Málaga
The next piece is a beautiful black and white mural of a reptile. Personally I like the artists use of space in the wall to make it appear as though the lizard is actually walking along the base of the building.
Mural by Banksy, Banksy, From the collection of: Global Street Art Foundation
No graffiti gallery would be complete if it didn't consist of a Banksy piece. Here we see one of his famous silhouette pieces of a woman sweeping everything under the rug.
Invader, Invader, From the collection of: Street Art London
Not all graffiti is done with paint. Here we see one of the "Space Invader" characters done up in different colored tiles. This another one of my personal favorite styles of graffiti and the combination of tile size and colors are practically endless
El Mac, El Mac, From the collection of: Street Art London
This amazing mural of a cowboy stands proudly at the edge of this building. Its use of color and shading creates realistic features, and is beautiful enough to be mistaken as if was a commissioned art project by the city.
Untitled, SPETO, 2012/2013, From the collection of: São Paulo Street Art
This amazing Spanish piece depicts a young woman standing with what appears to be a space-man skeleton who is interacting with an animal. The artist chose to only use on color for this piece, using white-space to create the shapes within the mural.
Phlegm, From the collection of: Street Art London
This crazy piece on London abstract art depicts what appears to be unworldly image of nautical themed images including what appears to be a telescope seated in a large boat with an eye peering from it.
Caos graffiti in San Martin, Buenos Aires (2012), CAOS, From the collection of: Buenos Aires Graffiti
This abstract artwork actually represents a persons name. One common trait about this style of street art is the writing is almost always unreadable unless you really look closely.
ROA, ROA, From the collection of: Street Art London
I wanted to end this gallery with this amazing mural I found while looking through the art project. Again I love the artists use of space to make this amazing mural come to life well above the city streets.
Credits: All media
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