"Blue" an ocean of color

Blue is a very important color. It brings thoughts of large bodies of water or a vast clear blue sky. But blue is so much more then that and in this exhibit you'll see images that are blue and that your familiar with but also paintings with blue in spots you wouldn't expect......

I chose Blue Water Lilies because it expresses the darker shades of blue. Its almost purple when you look closely.
I chose Blue Graveyard because of its use of teal. The blue green contrast is shown very well here.
Blue Swirl was perfect for my exhibit because it shows so perfectly different shades of blue.
Bleeding Blue-Hanger is another good example of different shades of blue. The amount of contrast added to the painting through the use of different shades of color is a great way to show off blue.
I chose this painting because it's a beautiful landscape that compares blue to other colors around it.
I liked this piece because the artist used a plastic like polymer to show off his blue.
I chose this painting because it looks really detailed there is so many tones of blue used and it gives it a realistic look.
Sunlight in the blue room shows what blue looks like in a normal life like situation. The lighting in this painting is a great example of how nice a room can be if painted blue.
I chose this piece because the fact that these two colors are separate makes the piece its almost ironic because if they mixed they would become green.
This abstract painting grants the viewer the choice to see what they want in a pool of blue shades.
This piece gives a strange outlook on a familiar animal. The fact that this deer is blue in a large red room spoke to me.
I chose this painting because it appears to have a blue tint to the whole thing. The artist used so many different blues and they all come together well.
Blue Space is a fun and exciting piece that allows you to view blue in a "night time" sort of way. It gives you a sense of dreams and bed time.
Blue Reminiscence is the perfect title for how this painting made me feel and thats why I included it in my gallery.
I chose this piece titled Blue Night 2005 because of the dark and deep shades of blue used. I also liked the fact that even though cold colors were used it appears that the temperature is warm.
Credits: All media
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