Review of Elements of Art and Design

I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work. -Nasia Mash

There are thick & thin lines in this artwork, & many horizontal lines because of the books. Yes, the lines direct my attention to a particular place. The shapes are geometric and complex. There is light shining through a window which gives the artwork value.
The texture seems smooth because of the fruits, and the background seems rough. There is volume because you can tell the grapes and peach are three-dimensional and they look like they have weight. It's dark on one side of the artwork because of a light shinining through so there is value.
The shapes are geometric and complex. There is lightness and darkness, therefore there is value. There is form because it creates realism and three-dimensionality. The texture seems rough yet smooth.
The fruits look smooth and so does the cup. The colors are very dull other than the shiny silver. The dull colors include dark red and black. There is a lot of negative space and deep space.
There are many colors including many shades of blue, green and red. The items are three dimensional and create contrast so there is value. The objects look like they have weight so I'd say there is form and volume. The shapes are geometric and complex.
Credits: All media
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