Impressionism Vs Post impressionism - Brian K. Ellis

I chose to do an exhibit on two different types of painting styles. Which are impression and post impressionism. With impressionism the artist like to depict there composition with intense colors and small thin brush strokes to capture there image. Where as post impressionism is the reaction this controversial painting style by catering more to the subjects meaning.

This first photo is a post-impressionist portrait painted by Paul Gaugin in 1891. Although it lacks fine detail you can feel what the emotion behind the image.
The next display is an impressionist painting done John Singer. I love how blotchy the canvas is yet portrays the guy and the steps so well.
This painting is a very popular post impressionism painting. Its various usage of shapes and colors make this painting very abstract and appealing to the eyes.
By far one of Van Gogh's most famous works. The Starry Night is a also an post impressionist painting. The vibrant colors compliment the shapes very well.
By far one of the most colorful paintings in this gallery. Camille Pissarro paints a beautiful scenery of nature with the reds, yellows, greens, etc. It is also apart of the post-impressionism era.
This post impressionist painting was done in 1898. What I love about this picture is the style of painting used. It almost reminds me of the construction paper look you see in shows like South Park
You can tell this painting is impressionism simply by looking at the soft vibrant brushstrokes. It also has a sort of blurry look to it as well. However I love how it tells a story.
This impressionist portrait changes up the thin brushstroke look by adding short thick brushstrokes to the canvas giving it that sketchbook look. The artist of this is Pierre Auguste Renior.
This painting has less contrast then the other paintings. It uses darker tone colors within in the canvas. However this one is the closest to realism I've seen which is unique for impressionism.
This post impressionism painting uses a great balance of grey and orange. It almost has a flat look to it which takes away any depth. You can tell the artist wanted very few details in the painting.
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