Violence in cities

The city environment in prevalent in books such as Red Harvest and The Death and Life of Great American Cities.  These books both portray violence in cities and the related factories that feed into the dissent in cities.  These images capture ways in which violence can be perceived from different perspectives in cities. 

This piece shows the despair of those living in the city environment, shown in in this pregnant woman's expression on her face.
Although cities are built to bring people closer together, they tend to fall apart because of underlying issues.
This represents that, in the city, when a crime does happen, people tend to look the other way and act like they didn't see what happened.
Jacobs and Hammett talk about negative effects cities can have on its people and I think this piece shows the violence and kindness is cities are different, but come together at the end of the day.
A major part of cities are people in them, esp. the children. In Jacobs, she says "The dwellings of a district need to be supplemented by other primary uses" and primary users are children playing."
This represents the positivity that can be found in cities full of violence. Many criminals use graffiti to express themselves. Although a crime, the images exposed are pieces of artwork.
The violence in cities is highly related to gangs and this artwork shows someone we would consider to look as though they were in a gang.
I chose this image to use last because although there is crime in cities, New York City is perceived more as a tourist destination although they have violence they fight on a day o day basis.
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