Nature at its best!

This is a collection of the beauty of nature focusing on the oceans and rivers. Showing off the color and texture of these works of art.

This picture by the use of color is amazing making the it stand out to the viewer. the other is the texture on the trees and water its as if you are looking at it personally
This one may not show much color but its captivating! with the texture and small amounts of color makes you feel like its a memory that is being looked back on
The texture is what really makes the color stand out in this one! This is a beautiful time of day. Looks like its in late afternoon the water and everything looks so realistic!
Little more of a darker use of color on this, You can look at this and right away tell this is some sort of storm! The texture of the waves and the color makes it come even more alive
Lighter and warmer colors in this but can still tell this is a storm. looks to be taken place in late afternoon with the texture of the waves don't look good!
This is more of a peaceful picture. calm colorful water and beautiful afternoon sky. color is so vibrant here and the texture shows you that its very calm
This picture show texture in the waves as if some storm is upon the bay. The color of the sky gives this away too
This one is a little different more of what you would find around the ocean The texture and color are well used here showing the curves and depths of each shell
This one really caught my eye from the colors that were used which were complementary colors (blue and Orange) and the texture shows everything early in the day and calming of the water
This looks like it is late in the day and the suns about to go down :) Everything is more beautiful at the beginning and end of the day
Credits: All media
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