symmetry of the past and present

This gallery will showcase the appeal of the universal design principle of symmetry in works of art. This collection will display pieces from 2600 BC through today. Each image will include a small caption for the explanation of their inclusion.  Some of the artwork is incredibly detailed, so I suggest you take advantage of the zoom feature and explore them more.

This early sculpture shows the basic symmetry in what we would consider an attractive face. Studies have been shown that symmetrical facial features are the basis of physical attraction.
This piece shows simple symmetry and balance. Even the carvings of the figures in the flat portion display symmetry.
This coffin, or sarcophagus shows incredibly detailed symmetric paintings. Zoom in and you'll be blown away!
This piece displays symmetry not only on the X and Y axis, but several diagonal axis as well.
Such a beautiful work, and we don't even know the name of the producer. Not only are the images symmetrical, but the architecture of the building's arches as well.
There is such detail in the symmetrical designs of this Koran. It also shows great use of negative space with the darker star shapes.
This piece shows what I would consider as the return of Jesus. A line of symmetry can be drawn right down the middle.
Although this piece is a great show of perspective, it is an equal show of vertical symmetry as well.
A ceremonial robe which shows a significant amount of detailed symmetry. The small, yellow designs are equal in number on each side.
This shows a pyramid made of red glass. The pyramid is such an interesting geometric form that instills the feelings of power and mystery.
This is an interesting piece displaying symmetry. It was created in the early Nineties and depicts the key points of Egypt.
The photo doesn't necessarily show the symmetry of the light pole layout, but I have personally walked through them. It is interesting in a simple way, even during the day when the lights are off.
Like the 2008 Obama campaign poster, Fairey is well known for the OBEY "Big Brother/Andre the Giant" image. It shows simple and effective symmetry, and was first used as a stencil for his street art.
Another street and contemporary artist gaining notoriety is known as D*Face. His works can be seen on the streets of LA and displayed in art shows. The symmetry of this work is simple and effective.
The huge symmetrical work on the right is by S. Fairey, and the work on the left is by D*Face. "Peace and Liberty" on the right is what we are focusing on for this gallery. Zoom in and check it out!
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