Purity of Nature - Isaac Salas

This gallery is to show how beautiful nature is, before being poisoned by man and how some places don't need to be changed. It is not something for us to take or to own but to be left alone and enjoyed by everyone. As man tries to control, nature responds with a swift vengeance. We must preserve it, because nature has its own way of restoring balance.

This painting is all about how time is absent and how the clouds stand still around the mountain and the water is still, even as the waterfall hits. There is a lot going on with this image but each part has a certain amount of focus. For example the shadows along the bottom is the starting point and as you begin to look higher you noticed more and more of the beauty. What unites these different sceneries is the tranquility that is not being disturbed by human kind and the wall of dark shadowy clouds that protect the land.
Initially, the fear connected with the destruction of a deadly storm was to complete its perfection by creating a beautiful sunset but the paintings were separated around the 19th century. Emphasis on the dark clouds and the chaotic, yet rhythmic colors of the storm really compliment the power of the wind the strength of the water.
This art piece is an imaginary mountain scenery which is actually a Flemish tradition brought down from Patinir who was a northern renaissance history and landscape painter. They did a great job of proportioning everything correctly from the mountains to the waterfall and blending it well with the grassy fields. The brightness of the clouds and how they blend in naturally creates a sort of realism for the trees and mountains and makes it so majestic and almost spiritual.
Landscape has a great concept of emphasis and movement. It takes your eyes through the forest and moves you between the trees to get to the bright and open fields to the river. The blending of the shadows and light of the trees emphasizes mystery and more of a dark path of adventure.
The dark shadows bring a certain essence to the painting almost like something is lost and all alone and it has been abandoned for years.
The painting River Landscape with House on a Rocky Island shows how we don’t need to destroy or change anything we can adapt and become one with the land. The calm colors brings a certain quality as if we are the same, we are one.
It’s a perfect description of how 2dimensional art can be brought to life. Also the strong brush strokes of the sea emphasize how powerful life can be when it has felt threatened and disturbed of its serenity.
The shadows and light bring a certain romantic feel. It starts off with darkness and brokenness and as you go on you can see the beautiful light and the end of the tunnel.
The purity that has been tarnished by man always finds a way to restore balance to its innocence.
The brush strokes of the sleepless waves begin to rest as it reaches the florescent calm nature and begins the next chapter of beauty.
Credits: All media
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