China's Culture

Michelle Valenzuela-Ortega

I picked this picture because it is the Chinese merchant's House.It is in Canton China. It was built on April in 1860.It is in The J. Paul Getty Museum.It was made by Felice Beato,Henry Hearing.
I picked this picture of the book Itemized book of the ancient China history because it was a handbook of Zizihitongjiangangmu. It explains how difficult the phrases are. It also organizes its history.It was made in 1502.
I picked this picture of pottery basin with a human face and fish patterns for the following reasons.It is a Neolithic treasure. It was unearthed in 1955 in a village in Banpo of Shaanxi province, the historical site in Banpo.
I picked this ceiling mural in Prince Liang tomb in Persimmon Orhard Village. It is in Yongcheng City Henan Province. It was one of the earliest tombs. They couldn't put much painting due to space restriction.
I picked this Silver Girdle for the following reasons. When a girl is born the parents make her this girdle she has to use until the day of her wedding. Dai woman are the one's who use it.
I picked this picture for the following reasons.It was taken when china and japan were in a fight. It was taking in Feb. 1941. The people in the picture are Chiang Kai-shek and Madame Chiang eating.
I picked this picture for the following reasons. It was taken in 1946.In the cities Yangtze.In the River of China.
I picked this Marble figure of Amitabha,Lord of the Western Paradise.The lord has always been the most ardently venerated Buddha in China.It was made in 575-590 AD.
I picked this picture for the following reasons.The picture was taken in Dec. of 1948.The men and women are looking at the clothes in the "Theives Market" which means the open market.
I picked this picture for the following reasons.This is the Empress Dowager Cixi. The photographer was Xunling 1880-1943.It was presented to Alice Roosevelt after an imperial audience in Beijing.It was from 1903-1904.
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