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(translated from Dutch) \\Jan Mandijn , Mandijn also spelled Mandyn ( Haarlem , ca 1500 - Antwerp , about 1560) was a South Dutch painter belonging to the Antwerp School . He was born in Haarlem before 1530 and moved to Antwerp . Here he worked with the painter Pieter Aertsen . Both artists took advantage of the popularity of the work of the 'duvelmakere' Hieronymus Bosch , by his work to copy and imitate. This popularity was mainly from Spain . On June 29, 1542 and determined Mandijn Aertsen at the request of the Basque del Barro Samson dealer in Antwerp the price of paintings with subjects from the Bosch code, which apparently were intended for the Spanish market. Also, Karel van Mander mentions him in his Schilder-Boeck a Bosch-follower. According to Van Mander, he died in Antwerp, he writes: "Neither was Haerlem eenen Jan Mandijn, who on his very Ieronimus Forest fraey was ghespoock and drollerije: he died t'Antwerpen. Mandijn was a teacher of Gillis Mostaert (I) and Bartholomeus Spranger .

From Mandijn is a signed work preserved: the Temptation of Saint Anthony in the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem . Based on the style of this work are other works attributed to him. This attribution is fragile, especially as some art historians believe that this signature is applied later. In 2009 was to Museum Mayer van den Bergh in Antwerp Road to Calvary given containing a monogram in which the letters of Mandijn can read. Like the Haarlem painting, this work is derived from Bosch and is partially copied to his Road to Calvary in Vienna . Stylistically, however, both works are far apart. If the painting in Antwerp indeed an authentic work of Mandijn is, his work will be revised.

Dutch Renass painter
Birth of Venus from the seafoam, with Zephyr blowing wind from the West
Bellini's works always have the signed scrap of paper .
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