A Siren's DayDream- Matt Langley

In Greek Mythology the Sirens were creatures who would use their beauty and singing voices to lure passing sailors to their island in order to shipwreck them. In this gallery, you will find pieces that reflect possibly what Sirens may day dream about in between shipwrecking their victims. I like to think that some would dream about things not on their island and what they would look, smell, and sound like. This gallery also signifies how beauty and turmoil can at times push up against each other and even blur when it comes to Sirens. 

This piece depicts a seascape during a storm. The excellent uses of dark colors captures the beauty of what can be a very daunting adventure. This emulates how beauty and death can go hand in hand.
This piece captures two lovers walking through a forest. Upon adding this, I wondered if there was a time when a Siren fell in love with a victim.This perhaps depicts what she would day dream. The use of blues in the trees creates a soft feel to them. The way the trees are aligned in rather straight lines also adds depth.
For me this reflects a first love for one Siren and conveys what it would feel like to her. There is chaos, yet there's only light colors and flowers. The shell around them is perhaps hiding them from the other Siren sisters. The eyes are immediately drawn to the two figures kissing, however after leading you down to the left with the incandescent colors, one is forced to see the beauty in the dark colors that make up the background.
This portrait depicts women lounging and enjoying what appears to be a warm and windy day. Perhaps this is what it would look like if someone were to catch Sirens between ransacks. The impressionistic style gives a dream like look and feel to a blissful warm seaside day.
For me, this piece captures the beauty of the Sirens via the early sunrise. The very sharp contrast gives the painting draws a very immediate reaction, not unlike the Sirens.
This piece once again signifies how something as beautiful and comforting as the sea can turn on you without a minutes notice. The reflections on the water give depth and sharpness to the piece. The eyes are immediately drawn towards the furthest sailboat on the right, while the clouds and land lends balance.
This piece was chosen because I thought it resembled what the island the Sirens lived on would look like. The use of whites and pinks bring out the depth of the ocean and the cliffside respectively.
This abstract piece was chosen due to the way there are vibrant, beautiful colors used in a way that coincides with the darkness that makes up most of the figure. Again, resembling a Siren. The focal point is near the bright colors, which look to be being peeled away from the figure exposing the bright colors underneath.
I envisioned an Siren who was angry at another when I chose this piece. The chaotic clusters of bright colors mixed with darks resembles how chaotic anger can feel. The way that everything "isn't how it seems" lends perfectly to the theme of a day dream.
I envisioned this to be what the island the Sirens lived on could feel like to them at times. Perhaps there were some who wished they could leave. The rocks perhaps represent walls around the island for her. The reflections in the water almost give the impression that the rock and trees themselves are moving towards the figure that is sailing towards the island rather than the other way around.
Credits: All media
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