This gallery is a representation of beautiful landscapes that artiest such as Ladislav Mednyanszky, Claude Monet, Armand Guillaumin and much more has captured on their canvas. Here you will see how each artiest show the hidden beauty of nature, using color, pattern and texture in all ten paintings and drawings. 

Bank of a River in Bloom, Ladislav Mednyánszky, 1880 - 1885, From the collection of: Slovak National Gallery
Bank of a River in Bloom depicts wildflower growing freely on the side of the river. In the background you can see cattle being herded. The artist focus on the flowers more by using more color on them. Such as green, brown, white and yellow. The artist then use a sfumato in the background, also helping the wildflowers pop out more.
Winter Night. Figure on the Bridge, Ladislav Mednyánszky, 1888, From the collection of: Slovak National Gallery
The Winter Night. Figure on the Bridge shows a person playing on a bridge, surrounded by trees that is covered by snow. Below the figure on the bridge is a small river, that shows the reflexion of the figure and trees. This painting has a nice balance. The artist surrounds the dark figure with the white snow. To make sure there wasn't to much white, the artist uses the trees, river and a dark background to make the painting more balanced out.
Rocks at Belle-Île, Port-Domois, Claude Monet (French, b.1840, d.1926), 1886, From the collection of: Cincinnati Art Museum
Rocks a Belle-lle, Port-Domois is a 1886 painting that show the sea beating on a few barren rocks. This painting also show a balance, by using the colors. In the being of this painting, the artist darkness a few rocks and the water with cool colors. Casting a shadow to represent either the sunset or sunrise. For in the back, the artist lightens the sea and a few rocks with warm colors.
Abbey among Oak Trees, Caspar David Friedrich, 1809/1810, From the collection of: Alte Nationalgalerie, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
Abbey among Oak Trees is a painting that shows the gate of death, surrounded by died trees, crosses and tomb stones. This painting of a landscape is very nice, for it shows human characteristics in a life and death point a view. The shading and lighting in this painting also plays a part. Below the gate you have a nice dark shading, where you can barely see the tomb stones and crosses. Yet the lighting from above the gates and the white of the snow, helps make the trees, tomb stones and crosses pop out.
Autumn, Morning, Cloudy, Eragny, PISSARRO, Camille, 1900, From the collection of: Tokyo Fuji Art Museum
Autumn, Morning, Cloudy, Eragny is a nice and gentle painting, that shows trees, bushes and the soft green grass. In the far back, you can see a few houses. This paining has a warm and cold mixture. The trees and grass has a hint of warm colors, (i.e. yellow and white), making the painting more warm. Yet the artist surrounds the warm colors with a lot of cold color. (i.e. green, brown and grey)
Near June Street, Worcester, Massachusetts, John Singer Sargent, 1890, From the collection of: Huntington Museum of Art
Near June Street, Worceater, Massachusetts has a easy and claiming scenery. On your right, you can see a tree that is in bloom. Near it is a grey rock, surrounded by waves of green and brown grass. The colors in this painting is more warm. In the painting, you can see that the artist wanted to make the grass move. The artist painted the grass going up the hill, as if the wind is blowing. The shadow also helps the moving of the grass, because it is also moving.
Where the Clouds Love to Rest, c. 1850, From the collection of: Dallas Museum of Art
Where the clouds Love to Rest, is a beautiful painting of landscape. The painting shows the a bunch of clouds surrounding a river. Near the right bottom corner, you can see two deers standing in the river. Around them are a few dead, yet bloomed trees and rock. The colors in this painting, makes the scenery more natural.
Among the Sierra Nevada, California, Albert Bierstadt, 1868, From the collection of: Smithsonian American Art Museum
Among the Sierra Nevade, California is another beautiful painting. In this painting you have rocks and mountains surrounding a lake. On the right bottom side, you can see a herd of deers gathering to the lake. Surrounding them are a bunch of tell green trees and grass. The painting have the same realistic colors, like Alfred Jacob Millers's Where the Clouds Love to Rest. This painting shows a great balance between the lighting and shading of this piece.
Waterfall in Småland, Marcus Larson, 1856, From the collection of: Nationalmuseum Sweden
Waterfall in Smaland is a great work of art. This painting depicts a beautiful waterfall that is surrender by rocks and trees. Near the top right corner are homes and buildings. In the sky are dark clouds, that are moving around. This painting gives off a dream look, yet the colors in this painting have a natural feel to it.
Hawthornden Castle, near Edinburgh, Alexander Nasmyth, 1758–1840, British, between 1820 and 1822, From the collection of: Yale Center for British Art
Hawthornden Castle, near Edinburgh depicts a castle in the center of the painting, surrounded by trees and rocks. Near the bottom right corner, their are three people standing near a river. This painting also gives off a dreamy feeling, yet has a earthy feeling. This painting also show a great balance between brown and green combination. Yet to make sure there wasn't to much the artist add a beautiful shade of blue for the river.
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