In this art gallery you will see how feelings are captured in these paintings. You will be able to see and identify what each painting is saying. The colors give each painting the right feel for the feeling that is portraying. As you look at each painting ask yourself when was the last time you had felt that feeling the painting is portraying.

Mimicry, Juuri "Julie" Robertson, 2013, From the collection of: Western Avenue Association
This female seems mesmerized by something she is looking at. She appears that she is sneaking behind that tree with flowers.
El Mac and Retna, Karin Lindberg Freda, El Mac, Retna, From the collection of: Random Act Projects
The vibrant colors that surround this female are in motion. This female appears like she is in a relaxed state.
Sisyphus 2, Kim, Myung Sook, 1987, From the collection of: Korean Art Museum Association
This painting conveys sadness. She is looking down and there is no emotion. The finish look is rough with vertical lines through out the entire painting.
Untitled, NILO ZACK, 2013-02-01, From the collection of: WOOL | Covilhã Urban Art Festival
Mother and child are having a great time spray painting. The big red smiles they are wearing compliments they are having a great time.
Torn Tail, Juuri "Julie" Robertson, 2012, From the collection of: Western Avenue Association
In this painting this young lady is showing a little bit of her sensuality as she bites her finger and the look she has in her eyes. Colors and lines are playful and somewhat dark at the same time.
Di-Rotta, Alice, 2013/2013, From the collection of: Emergence
Here is a child sitting in water playing with the water. She is looking at a small boat that looks like is going to fall of the edge.
Shion, Juuri "Julie" Robertson, 2014, From the collection of: Western Avenue Association
She appears shy behind the flowers that are next to her face. If you look closely this was made with coloring pencils.
Under the Yoke (Burning the Brushwood), Eero Järnefelt, 1893, From the collection of: Ateneum Art Museum
All the chaos this little girl is surrounded by can depict what she has gone through. The look in her eyes, all you can see is pain. The colors also compliment what the artist is conveying.
La Persecución Pólitica, Olfer Leonardo, From the collection of: Museo a Cielo Abierto en La Pincoya
These bright colors and bold lines convey a series of feelings. Politics and religion are in some sort of war. The sleeves of the religious men are on fire as the priest is holding a bible.
untitled, Kookoo, Artkore, 2010, From the collection of: Filipino Street Art Project
Bright colored mural of a female who may be in love with something or someone. She is surrounded by hearts and has her lips are about to blow a kiss.
Credits: All media
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