Art 111-351 Roberts 

"The Picnic" by George Seurat. Uses a blend of colors in an almost impressionistic style to convey three children out having a lunch time picnic. By using a blend of right cheerful colors the viewer can see it is spring time.
"The Kiss" by Gustav Kimit. Has the bold use of gold against the dull background. paired with bright colors along with the life like expression on the woman's face this painting conveys love in an all new way.
"Seated Woman with a Parasol." by Gearges Seurat. Very different from his other works this drawing takes a darker look at things. With nothing more than a woman's silhouette this drawing gives off a mysterious and almost heavy vibe.
"The Bus" by Frida Kahlo. This painting although very much stylized and two dimensional, gives a realistic and insightful look into the everyday lives of Mexican citizens by showing them in their typical routine of waiting for a bus.
"The Birth of the Virgin Mary." by Giovanni Francesco. Very much of the time period of which it came this fresco depicts the birth of the mother of Christ. Showing her holiness by conveying people bowing down at her feet and angles descending from the heavens to greet her.
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