Innocence aesthetic

Innocence can be interpreted as many things. These images are what I feel innocence can be preserved as. From flowers to parties, the innocence of life can have many forms. 

Innocence is like a naïve, pure aspect of a human. Flowers represent the purity of innocence
This painting gives an innocence vibe. The stillness of the sky and animals gives a calming feeling.
The sculpture reminds me of a child's game. The games kids play instead of worrying about time shows their innocence.
This shows a baby who has no care in the world other than playing with his mother. This is a very happy portrait that demonstrates childhood innocence before corruption.
This looks like a tea party little girls would think of having. Having tea parties as kids is a very innocent pass time.
This looks like innocence being corrupted by the world. The children looking over at the cowering woman could very well represent them looking into the world of adults.
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