representation of gods in art

this is representation of the god Apollo . this statuette has a really detailed human body but lack detail in his face, it shows high relief in his instrument he is holding and continues to his body
god serapis painting lacks dynamics and three-dimensional space but has a solid line work and shape that bring the painting to life, the use of dark colors indicates a more sober tone in the painting
the lines of this painting are magnificent it gives a solid and detailed representation of the human body and its surroundings are detailed to, the lack of color is compensated by the use of shadows
rounded and organic shape well detailed human body and is a really static sculpture. the detail on the baby is also outstanding, the use of the black material represents a dark or evil scene
movement is key in the sculpture, the shape of the human body is well represented and flows with grace and delicacy. the use three dimensional space is well executed, the negative space is present
lack of movement, it has a mixture of high relief and three dimensional use of space, lines are near to perfect and gives a lot of detail in its robes. negative space represented by the throne and stool
lack of movement, but special detail in lines of the robe, high relief used in the knee and pillar. very static pice but great level in detail of the woman body. rounded and organic type of statuette.
lack of movement, well rounded representation of the human body and exceptional level of detail on human factions. color is not present and negative space represented by the gaps between extremities
lack of movement, well rounded and soft used of lines in beard and robes. high relief used between the stool and legs. well crafted human body. level of detail on face is unknown due to the statues damage
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