Diversity told through a story.

I really like how lifelike this oil painting is and how it tells a story of a favorite Russian pastime. You can see through the detail in the people as they gather around the focused conqueror that they really enjoy this game. I think that this painting really shows the culture and people not only through their clothes, but also through their expressions. I also find it fascinating how even the snow is brought out in this intricate work.
This aborigine bark painting illustrates a folk story of a girl with fins told by the Kunwinjku people. I found this interesting because this is not how we usually see mermaids depicted, yet you can still tell that it is a mermaid swimming with the fish and seaweed in the water.
Looking at this wooden mummy coffin, I wonder how long it took to finish the entire artwork. Each was specially detailed and showed significance of Egyptian history. The coffin is said to tell the dead's soul how to get into the afterlife. The rituals on the coffin are also stories passed down to generations.
I like how this painting tells the story of the victory after a full day or early morning hunt. The shadows cast seem to be either from a setting or rising sun off in the colorful horizon. The British hunt for the rabbit seems rewarding to the smiling boy and excited dogs. The English riding gear also shows how they dressed for riding and sporting in the British 1700s.
When I look at this watercolor drawing I see someone's prize possession of a horse. The well groomed long hair and clean hooves make this stallion look like a show horse. You can tell the horse is tamed by the bridle and the way it is tied to the post. I really like the details from the horse all the way to the vast landscape. One thing that stood out to me was the horse's eyes. They seem to be staring right at you as if it was setting still for the artist to paint the portrait.
This Japanese museum holds many sand sculptures. This is one of Buckingham Palace. It is well known as the place where the Royal Family lives and holds many historical references. I have a hard time building a sand castle at the beach, so this amazingly detailed sand sculpture stood out to me from the people to the trees to the tiny windows and doorways.
I love how realistic this oil picture on oak is. The artist was said to frequently paint cows standing in shallow water. Cuyp is able to tell the story of his travels by painting landscape and surroundings. I like how he included the birds and the natural skies. It amazes me how even the water has a reflection.
I think it is awesome how we can dig up a work of historic iron like this sword and after all these years and still be able to get a glimpse of the progression of technology. Such as here with this weapon you can see the construction of it and compare it to other centuries and see how far we have come. I wonder if this middle aged sword went through battles still talked about in tales talked about today.
This gold crown tells a story in itself with its ritual references and detailed engraving all over it. This goldsmith must have been very talented as it probably is difficult to engrave all those little details throughout just a slab of gold especially with the tools they must have used in 1250 BC- 1 AD.
This picture is another depiction of the Last Supper. This tells the story of the last dinner Jesus had with his disciples before Judas betrayed him and turned him over to be crucified. This stood out to me because this is not the typical Last Supper picture that you see all over, being that it is a mural in a church in Spain.
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