H u m a n o s

"Humanos" meaning humans, primarily focusing on children. I truly believe the most important phase in life is childhood. It's an opportunity to take a creative mind and enhancing it with knowledge, open to endless opportunities. This gallery shows the bright side of a childhood and the dark side.

Creativity, Imagination, Uniqueness, Accomplishment, Greatness, Succeed and be superior, Superior of own self, You deserve nothing but the best. These hands represent exactly what a child's hands are. Gold.
Their creations should never reflect what you want. Their ideas should not be pushed in any direction but reflection. Have the mind work in endless directions. Allow the artistic side to let loose and shine. Rather than boxing their minds, teach them how to get to the moon, because the sky is the limit.
Nurturing environments
Pay attention and don't let a child cry in silence
We're all humans regardless race, ethnicity, or sex.
Let the mind run free
Let them be who they want to be
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