kieran mckenzie-renaissance gallery 

cool hair

a.The clothing of this renaissance woman tells that she is wealthy b. no background c. that this woman is serius d.this is Inita and she is a high class she likes food and cares about money
a. that he dosen't have good chlothing b. no background c. that he is sad or not a lot of money d. Juan Cena is in the low class he is sad he cares about his son and he likes food
a. dark clothing means he no life b. blank background not a lot of things to show c. that this dude is sad d. this is rob likes to be a black smith
a. has nice clothing rich person b. no background c. this lady has nice clothing and hair d. anita and she like jewlery
a. normal every day cloths b. No background c. This man is mysterious d. bobby likes to spend time with his family
a. nice clothing b. red background c. this woman is fancy d. Charolet likes to buy things
a. that she has nice clothing b. she has a good amount of money c. That she is different than others d. lisamona is in the middle class She likes art
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