Mythology Gallery by Josh Regenfuse

This will be a gallery that has many form of mythology pieces big and small, grand and simple. Mythology was something that brought hope and gave dreams to many people.

I chose this piece because it shows the dawn of a new era the age of gold. almost monochromatic in nature this piece vibrantly pops off the page with its hues of yellow and gold.
In this piece you will see Paris (Center) being judged by the eyes of the many people surrounding her. The contrapposto in this piece has brought it to life. It almost seem as if you are there during the judgement of Paris
This piece depicts a centaur fighting a tiger. I thought it was interesting because it showed alot of action in the piece as well as the power of centaur, even the tiger is scared by his power.
This piece is interesting because it almost seems like a look into the future. One day people will be viewing these works across the world. Mythology is brought to life by the sense of grandness
This piece is dear to me because it almost seems like a da Vinci drawing. It has a great sense of contrapposto. The shadow the figure casts on the wall makes it all the more exciting.
I chose this because of the bend in Antaeus, it makes the painting seem grand and god like. It also carries a great movement throughout the piece starting from the gods body down to the two figures.
I chose this sculpture because I thought it was an interesting take on Thor. Usually you see him being beyond mighty but here he is relaxed. It makes you think gods are more human like and relatable.
Mercury is depicted in this statue cast in bronze. He has a grandness given to him by the contrapposto the artist put throughout his body. It is almost as if he is calling out to someone.
This statue has a lot of visually stunning element throughout the piece. It has a great sense of movement starting from the character on the left and moving right.
This statue is interesting because of it's contrapposto. It makes the character almost seem as if he is reaching out to help someone or something.
Credits: All media
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