Hiba Yousif 12

the artist drew how he see the arab live. it was made in london between 1841 and 1851 by a british artist
this painting is drawn by an indian artist. she is very interested in her culture. we can see the connection between the arabs and the indians, both use camels for transportation.
This painting was drawn in 1956 by the artist marcel junco (a jewish family) he drew an arab cafe in ramallah
this boat was used by the Australians at the 19th century for sailing and to collect marine products.
this is in Tunisia. old wooden door with different islamic patterns are found in many arabic countries
this is also in Tunisia. islamic pattern is add to an old house to show how things are developing. the patterns are drawn using stencils.
using arabic calligraphy to show the conditions in gaza. drawn by an arab artist
this sword found in new delhi. arabic calligraphy is drawn on it. words were used before in wars. fish and deers are drawn on it
this is found in a museum in Istanbul. its is carved from a piece of wood. it is a stand for the Quran. arabic calligraphy
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