Implied line- In this piece of artwork the implied line can be seen where the women is looking down at her hand and the other persons hand she is holding. You can see the direction she is looking.
Complementary color- The complementary colors in this piece are red and green. They are against each other being held in the woman's hand.
Analogous colors- The analogous colors in this artwork are yellow and orange. They are placed at the top of the trees and also on the ground,
Arbitrary color- I chose this picture because pink, purple and blue trees are not realistic and neither is pink, blue, and orange ground.
Perceptual color- The mountains in the background are perceived to be a blue or gray when their natural color is the realistic green.
Actual line- He is looking in a certain direction and that causes your eye to follow along his arm. His eye and arm are both going in the same direction.
Geometric shape- There are different geometric shapes within the piece. There are rectangles, squares, triangles, trapezoids, and rhombus. It is also easily measured.
Organic shape- In this piece, the shapes are difficult to describe and measure and that is what makes an organic shape.
Illusion of depth- The houses and trees to the right seem to be lower and deeper in the mountains than what is on the left.
Positive/negative space- The black apple is the positive space and the white background is the negative space.
Actual texture- If you were to run your hand across the box you would be able to feel the actual texture.There would be raised parts and sunken parts.
Implied texture- If you look at the artwork it looks like there is texture and that you would be able to feel it, but if you run your hand across it there would not be any texture that you could feel.
Monochromatic value- The piece of artwork has the same color. It is a different value of the color but it is still the same overall color.
Chiarscuro value- The front side of the house is a dark yellow and the right side is a lighter yellow which makes the house look like a three-dimensional object.
Hatching/crosshatching- The artist uses small lines at different angles to create the picture and the different values in the picture.
Pattern- Each square has its own repetitive pattern.
Symmetrical balance- If you were to draw a line down the center of the mask you would be able to fold it in half and everything line up.
Radial balance- The spokes on the wheel come from the center outward and are spaced equally.
Asymmetrical balance- If you were fold this any way, none of the sides would mirror or reflect each other.
Contrast- The dark background that contrast against the white buildings really makes the buildings stand out.
Movement/motion- The ways that the horses bodies and legs are placed makes them seem like they are in motion; running.
Emphasis- The emphasis is on St. Michael, the top angel, because he has brighter colors and more light drawn to him. That is what catches your attention when you first look at this piece.
Scale- Compare the size of the bigger horses to the size of the smaller horses. It makes the smaller horses seem like they are further away in the picture than the bigger horses are.
Proportion- Each of the woman's body parts are proportional. Each leg is proportional to the other leg. Each breast is proportional to the other.
Repetition/rhythm- There is a repetitive pattern of shapes. It also creates a rhythm.
Unity- This piece is balanced out and comes together as a whole. When you look at it, you can just see the balance.
Variety- This piece has a variety of colors, contrasts, tones, and hues.
Representational- This artwork is very natural and realistic. We can tell what it is and it can be seen in reality.
Abstract- This piece is different and it is not natural. It has its own style but when we look at it we can tell that it is a black woman crying.
Nonrepresentational- This piece is different and does not represent any type of natural art.
Role of innovator- This piece of artwork shows a woman in a "man's position." Women are usually not working in a factory or as a mechanic.
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