During the Baroque Era, art became very realistic and emotional due to the profound political and cultural changes that were emerging across Europe. Artists wanted you to feel the emotion of the event depicted in the piece of work along with feeling that particular emotion. Art became more and more dramatic and appealing to the human senses by using shading, detail, and realism. 

In this oil-painting, men are playing a soon to be violent game of cards. Caravaggio displays great emotion and many acts of events all in one picture. He makes it so you can understand what is happening, and what will happen in the near future.
This piece of work is displaying a time of darkness. One skill Merisi possessed was great detail and shading, and here he shows both. One can easily depict what is taking place and feel the raw emotion of this event.
Although many painters have painted Saint John the Baptist, many have not achieved this level of emotion. Merisi captures the human body with shading and soft colors and shows his struggles.
From the face, to the simple one colored background, Caravaggio displays great techniques in shading. With his soft touch, he turns a simple portrait into a detailed piece of art. In each of his pieces, he gives them a light source to aid in the shading.
Like Merisi, Vermeer understands the magic of light and placement of shading. Here, the light coming from the windows is reflected across the room and casts shadows.
If zoomed in, you can see the grand detail of the reflection of the mirror in the back of the room.
This painting shows shading, perspective, contrast, and everything you could imagine in a professional piece of work. Everything in the front is shaded just enough to depict what they are, but as if you were standing in a dark room.
Even in the far distance, you can see the emotion and feelings of the women's reactions.
Yet again, Vermeer proves that he knows where shadows belong and that he is capable of placing realistic detail where needed. You can even see the girls reflection in the glass of the window. Even the green drape to the right has noticeable creases and ripples.
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