Fasha's awesome ancient egyptian museum 

This is my museum of Egypt in ancient times.

This eye is the right eye of the Anthropoid Coffin. The blue glass encases a stone white of the eye, which contains a separately carved black pupil. If this eye is on a coffin, it would mean that they have done well in their life like maybe this merchant in the coffin has done what was needed.
This is the right hand of the Anthropoid coffin. I would guess that this hand would mean the same as the eye. I think the hand also means that the priest, merchant, or anyone in the coffin has done what was needed.
I think that this statue is for people who are loyal to Horus. But is also looks expensive so probably priest owned them.
Scribes used these to write in hieroglyphics. But this was for King Aramatelqo. I think scribes can use these to write books, letters, drawing, etc.
I would predict that this cup was used for drinking and eating. But this cup has drawings on it so maybe people that can earn enough for a living such as priests own these cups.
If I could guess what this jar was used for, I would guess that it was used to store food, liquid, etc.
This necklace was probably worn by woman that are rich or who are married to rich men such as a priest, pharaoh, etc.
I think that this spoon was owned by rich people. They used it to eat food and to put food in other bowls. This fancy looking spoon was probably owned by priests.
I think that this vase was used to hold food. I would guess that this vase was also owned by rich families like ones with priests.
I'm guessing that this knife was used to cut food or to kill. it looks like it was used by farmers or slaves
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