Perspective in red

A display of monochromatic excellence, abstract photography, and classical Perspective composition. 

Here is our first piece in the collection. This painting sets the tone for the next few works in the display, depicting a winding river curving lazily into the distance at the bottom of a valley.
Next we have a small coastal cove surrounded by mountains. The artist uses atmospheric perspective to create depth as well as only using one color to make a strong statement. These themes are reoccurring through the collection.
In this image the artist displays great detail and contrast despite the paintings singular color scheme.
Here we begin to see an increased use of negative space by the painter to break up the painting and create the illusion of water.
The artist uses contrast in subject matter in this painting which both compliments and creates interest within the painting. As we can see, the scene shifts from coastal islands to snowy mountains.
Here the artists uses clever composition to draw the viewers eye farther back into the painting creating depth.
The artist continues to create interest within his paintings despite its singular color and subject matter.
By using a wider, horizontal canvas, the artist creates a seemingly more vast and interesting landscape than previous paintings.
Here we see our first night scene. Although the red sky may have overpowered the painting, the artist cleverly maintains balance by adding the flowering tree branch and increasing the amount of negative white space.
Now we transition from paintings to photography. The next few images are examples of spherical panoramas. Here we see a a forest and night sky image with great contrast of lights and darks.
Again we have a forest panorama, this time in the daylight. This particular effect creates both interest and depth in its subject matter.
A slightly different composition from before, this image is still taken the same way as the others with a fish eye lense and from four different directions.
This image could be two different rooms stitched together inside the sphere. The effect is beautiful color contrast and magnetizing eye movement and depth.
The muted colors in this image are both beautiful and calming creating a pleasant viewing experience.
The appeal to this classical perspective drawing is in its simplistic style yet detailed subject matter.
The last piece in our collection, this drawing exhibits a strong grasp on perspective by the artist, and also the particular charm of a bygone era.
Credits: All media
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