Loss of Innocence

A chronicle of how innocence can be lost through war, alienation, death, and betrayal.

As one of the survivors of a great horror of death and destruction, he stands without a wisp of his former innocence.
As a dog left alone, having been alienated from all interactions, this dog has lost his innocence. The dog symbolizes the realization of reality's true nature.
This picture depicts the act of betrayal, the ultimate sign of humanity's corruption. This shows a man attacking another man out of hatred, spite and jealousy, the greatest act of corruption.
This shows a child losing someone, as they leave, and the person is clearly unhappy about this departure. This shows that things change, people leave, breaking the thought of childhood innocence
This represents an adults want to revert back to being a child, and the child's want to be an adult. The adult wants to remember what innocence is like again, but the child wants to see adult life.
This represents two innocent beings, a virgin and a child, both innocent in the eyes of the people for different reasons. The child is yet to learn the horrors of reality, where the virgin has learned
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