Texture in Mythology

Works of art from mythology with great texture By: Kaylyn Gabbert 

A lovely piece showing a goddess Nike on her chariot. I chose this piece because it caught my eye. I love pieces with such a cool stories behind them. The intricate details are beautiful and precise.
I love this piece because I see a lot of pieces like this on Mysteries on the Travel channel. They all have interesting stories attached to them like I'm sure this one does.
I've always loved the story of Odysseus. I've grown up hearing about it. I know this is a painting, but you can tell the artist painted in the texture very well.
I don't know much about Ganesha, but the design did get my attention. I love the belief in multiple gods. To me, it makes a heck of a lot more sense than the belief in one god.
This work speaks to me on a lot of different levels. I was interested by the design and the title. I was curious why the children are teasing this faun. Is it because he's different from them?
I chose this piece because I've seen it make it's way around fiction and nonfiction alike.
This piece caught my attention because of it's uniqueness. I've never seen this kind of work before. I'm sure it has a wonderful story to it.
I like the idea that this mask shows both innocence and evil. To be honest, I really liked the mustache. I believe the facial expression shows the evil and the white in the face represents the good.
This mask caught my attention because of what looks like the mask is wearing a temple on his head. The mustache also turns into a face on each time.
The mask looks like monkey which I grew up loving because of my mom growing up. But if you look closer you'll see the ears are fish. He's the monkey king or brother of the king because of his crown.
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