Renaissance Art Project

-Name -Date -Medium -Artist -Fact about artist -Something about artwork

-Mounted Warrior -1500-1550 -Bronze -Da Vinci -Also an inventor -bronze turns green when weathered
-The Pentecost -1413-1415 -Tampera and Gold on parchment -Bohemian Master -Made partially of gold
-Adam and Eve in Paradise -1531 -Oil on copper beech wood -painted mostly biblical - about bible
Bust of Camilla Barbadori -Bernini -Marble -out of time
Charity 1630s Van Dyck Oil out of time
The birth of venus Botticelli Tampera on Panel out of time
Officers and other civic 1642 Oil on Canvas out of time
-Pope Gregory XV -1621 -Marble -Gian Lorenzo Bernini -Born in Naples to a sculpter
Credits: All media
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