I'm Blue

Da Bu Dee Da Bu Da

The rough, chalk-like detail caught my attention because of the fact that, despite its coarse strokes, the woman's form is still easily made out and is attractive to the eye.
The shades and variants of blue give this graveyard scene both a sense of eerie calmness and an uneasy gloominess. Both the highlights and lowlights of the varying shades of blue emphasize the dark feel of the painting.
In a way, I might consider this 'ready made' art in terms of Chihuly having taken glass and turned it into something beautiful. The large, swirling, and wavy shapes caught my eye.
The blue here isn't as pronounced as other pictures, but serves to emphasize the brighter colors painted in the frontal landscape. The sharp, obvious brushstrokes in varying directions emphasize the background as its own entity.
The blue surrounding the woman almost seems to separate her from the rest of the scene, giving her and her dress an almost etheral glow.
This is a very modern piece, the blue swirls giving an almost dance or music-like pattern
This edition of 'Starry Night' was the first piece of Van Gogh art I saw, and the piece that really made me fall in love with art. The combination of blue and yellow really draws the eye and compliments each other well.
An interesting piece, you can really appreciate the detail and dimensions this piece shows. 
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