Mortality is a driving force that shapes Gilgamesh (and hopefully the The Complete Persepolis) as a character and defines him as a leader afterwards.

As we learn throughout the text, death is inevitable as we are all mortal. One aspect we can control however is how we leave behind our friends, family and legacy.
while mourning the death of a saint, the funeral seems to be a place of celebration. Relates to Gilgamesh's 1st view of death that as long as fame and legacy is to follow, death does not scare him
Enkidu's dream of the underworld defines death as an incredibly terrible experience and instills great fear in himself and Gilgamesh.
Enkidu's death impacts Gilgamesh in ways unimaginable.He is deeply overcome with sorrow and mourns greatly.
after Enkidu's death, Gilgamesh is overwhelmed with the fact that one day, he too will die. Just as this piece shows one examining itself, Gilgamesh changes his perspective of death at this moment
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