Color and Landscapes

The theme I chose for my google art gallery is color and landscapes. I wanted to create a collection of different types of landscapes. I thought this would work well with the agriculture focus of this course. I also wanted to explore how the use of color in landscapes can give each one movement and a completely different feel. 

This landscape of haystacks by Monet has a very etherial feel. I chose it to put in my gallery because I thought the use of pastel colors made the landscape look airy and light. The lack of dark colors and shadow make the painting appear as though it is set in the morning or midday.
I picked this landscape because of the realistic style it is painted in. The style along with the duller colors give the painting a gloomy, industrial feel. This makes it very different than all the other paintings I have chosen for my gallery even though it has similar subject matter.
I chose this landscape to be in my gallery because of its distinct lines and bold color. While most of the colors in the painting are neutral the bold blue of the ocean draws the eye to the horizon line of the painting then back again to the top left. This gives the landscape a focus point for the viewer.
I added this famous landscape mostly because of the colorful strokes Van Gogh incorporated. The strokes of multiple blues, greens, yellows, and blacks add immense movement to the scene. The range of blues and dark shadow of trees agree with the title and make the painting appear to be set at night.
I added this landscape by Georgia O'Keeffe because it is more abstract than all the others. That combine with the water color style make the landscape almost hard to identify as one. Her use of dark, bold colors add depth and make the painting appear as though it is a landscape of a sunrise or sunset (as proven in the title).
Credits: All media
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