I chose this painting, because it represents the season of fall. The painting is titled "Autumn Leaves" which represents fall. Wind and water are very pretty features of this painting.
This painting reminds me of summer. It is a beautiful day on what looks like a beach of some sort. Everybody is out in the sun having picnics and what not.
This painting reminds me of a coming thunderstorm in late August bringing on fall. The men in the mountain are preparing for the storm creates a clear visual for me.
This painting completely states winter to me. It also reminds me of Christmas in the winter! This is a very beautiful painting.
This painting reminds me of spring. The color is very bright and springy. Also the green makes me think of spring.
I instantly think of summer in Montana when I look at this piece. The sun is shining and reflecting on the lake, and the mountains are mile high.
These trees remind me of fall. Their leaves are constantly changing into numerous beautiful colors, and the cool weather is on its way!
This painting reminds me of the spring. The snow is melting down form the mountains and the rivers are getting higher and higher.
This painting really states summer for me, because of the crisp sunshine. Also the fishing that occurs.
This piece reminds me of the winter. everything just looks so cold, and frosty. This makes me feel the winter chill.
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