Sculptures - CLAR 209 Summer 2

Although most sculptures do not really catch my eye and 'wow' me, I find that the ones that are visually appealing, including interesting backstories, colors and themes, are the ones that I can find myself looking at and admiring for hours.

Mummy Mask of a Woman Wearning a Wreath of Rose Leaves, Egypt, latter half of the 1th century C.E., From the collection of: Sculpture Collection, Dresden State Art Collections
One of my favorite things about mummy masks is that the intention of creating them is so that the mummy or the deceased person remains as they were when they died for the rest of eternity. Because the decomposition of the human body, "preserving youth" was not something that the Egyptians were able to do, so, they decided to sculpt a portrait of the deceased. 
Slow: Eleven Women and 400 Daisies, Noten, Ted, From the collection of: The Mint Museum
To be honest, I don't really know much about the meaning or theme of this sculpture. But I really think that the architecture of it is mesmerizing. Under the daisies, there is  a gold bust of a woman. It doesn't look like it is one particular woman, just a woman that was imagined and put to life. The details are very profound and classic, it almost looks like a Barbie head. 
Perpetual, Siobhan Hapaska, 2001, From the collection of: The Mint Museum
This is a dead Christmas tree with the classic red ornaments still on it. I think it's an interesting concept, as well as maybe an insight that the Christmas spirit/the meaning of Christmas has died, but we still try to embellish and decorate it. 
Soundsuit, Cave, Nick, From the collection of: The Mint Museum
This piece has a lot going on. But, the way I've interpreted it is that the person in the sculpture is hiding behind flamboyancy and  "fluff" in order to protect his/herself. This seems to be a contemporary sculpture. Aside from the meaning, the creation and detail of this sculpture is amazing. the details in the "skin" of the human and the creation of the human itself, along with the flowers and getting everything to balance out is incredible. 
Sacrificial Heifer from an Altar Relief, Unknown, Roman, 1st century AD, From the collection of: Cincinnati Art Museum
I think this is a really cool sculpture just because this appears to be a cast of a cow that had been sacrificed. Thats not something that I've ever seen, and the religious and historical significance is astounding and interesting to see this piece of history in this kind of medium.
I Confess My Sins, Chang, Jia, 2011, From the collection of: Korean Art Museum Association
Truly, I cannot really understand what the artist is trying to say with this piece. At first glance, I thought that this was a stand on electrocution, both self-inflicted and via the death sentence or interrogation methods. What I took from it is that people are reluctant to admit until death is in their face. Those who are on death row, do not confess fully and truthfully until the reality of the death is real for them. On the same token, sometimes people falsely admit when presented with pain and intimidation. Zooming in on the two objects that are hanging from the ties and are hooked up to the battery, I see a soiled t-shirt and something else that I cannot identify. This is a piece that I'd really like to see in person, as well as research it further. 
Picnic on the Ocean, Kim, Seung Young, 김승영, 2002, From the collection of: Korean Art Museum Association
This is a visually calming piece, It is one that includes many mediums, some even living. I'd classify this as low relief and sensory space. It's something that is meant to be experienced in person in order to capture the full meaning. '
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