mother nature smiles

As you look threw my gallery you will see beautiful artworks of the four seasons. there are 15 pictures in my gallery. I called my gallery "mother nature smiles". all my artworks in my gallery relate to each other because they all are part of the four seasons and without seasons the world would just be a dull and boring place. people from all around the world created these artworks. some of the colours and structure makes you engage more in the artwork. you will notice that in summer the artist uses more of bright colours like yellow and blue as for winter the artist would use more of white for snow. the artist does this to capture your attention to bring out the colours and make it work with the season. these artworks are very detailed with the brush strokes and the colours this makes the artwork more interesting. these artworks come from places all around the world. it is amazing how some artworks look 3D in some ways as if it more close. these 15 artworks are also really good because they are detailed and bright.

Credits: All media
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