Lord of Heaven and earth

This gallery is all about the life of Jesus Christ. There are 10 paintings that go through some of Jesus' life on earth and shows us the sacrifice He made for every single one us. The gallery is focused on paintings that were created in the 16th century.

This painting by Jacopo da Ponte in the 16th century depicts the holy family after the birth of Jesus Christ. He was visited by the three wise men and other people who were there to honor him with praise and gifts. It shows us that our Lord was born in a humble way even though he deserves the whole world which is why I chose this painting.
Here Rapheal in the 16th century is showing one of the miracles Jesus preformed for his disciples. I chose this painting because I think it shows how weak we are as humans but are strengthened by God. Even the disciples who were in the presence of God the Son had little faith at times and were amazed at the things that Jesus could do. I think that this is one of the things Jesus did to help the faith of everyone around.
This painting by Raphael in the 16th century most likely shows the transfiguration of Jesus. I chose this painting because it is one of my favorite things that happened between God and the disciples. It shows how Jesus was transformed into God and was growing like the sun with glory. He was joined by Moses and Elijah and showed everyone there that He was the Lord. It shows how everyone there was scared and really didn't know what to think but were praising Him.
There is not much none about this painting except that it was created by a German artist in the 16th century so it fits in with this gallery. I picked this piece because it is shows us the agony that Jesus was going through on the night He was arrested. It also showing us how the disciples couldn't stay awake like Jesus had asked them to witch I think shows how man messes up but the loving merciful Jesus forgives us.
In this painting by Beuckelaer in the 16th century shows us the long path Jesus had to walk after being scourged at the pillar and having a crown of thorns put on his head. I chose this painting because I think it captures the pain Jesus was going through, so much that he kept falling down. It shows how sad every one was that this innocent man was going to be crucified. It also shows how Simon was asked to help Jesus carry the cross because the soldiers were afraid He would die before He was on the cross.
There isn't much none about this painting besides that it was painted by a German artist in the 16th century. I chose this painting because I think it reminds us that Jesus had all of the human emotions on earth even though He is God the Son. It shows the agony that He was going though by having a nail driven through his hands and feet, knowing He was going to die for things He didn't do.
In this painting made by Gerard David in the 16th century we see Mary holding her dead son Jesus after he is taken down from the cross. This piece of art is trying to show us the price that was paid for our sins and how much Jesus loves us to give up his life for all of us. That is why I chose this work of art, it really captures the gravity of our sins. It shows us we should try to please God because He deserves it and He paid the price for us.
This painting was done by some German artist in the 16th century. It depicts how Jesus rose from the dead on the third day, conquering death. I chose this painting because it shows Jesus risen in all His glory and how scared the soldiers are. It seems that the soldiers came to realize that He was truly God the Son. I think it is a message that we should all bow down to the Lord of heaven and earth.
This painting by Master of Portillo in the 16th century shows Pope Gregory the Great saying mass at Santa Croce de Gerusalemme in Rome. I chose this painting because it shows the sacrifice of Jesus that happens at ever mass. He gives us the gift of His body and blood to nourish our souls and help us on our journey to heaven. That is was this painting shows. Jesus appeared over the chalice and His blood was dripping inside of it. this happened when Gregory the Great who was actually just in the place of Jesus who was really changing the bread in wine into his own body blood soul and divinity as show here.
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