Revolutionary War Artifacts

In the ten following topics, you will learn what we view today, as colonial art. You will also find new interesting information about each individual topic.

Rag dolls in the colonial times were used for two things. First, it taught young girls how to sew. Also, they were used to occupy the girls time. These dolls were made from any extra cloth, wether it be stained table cloth or extra scraps. One could say these dolls have great sentimental value because they were handmade items from the mothers.
Powder horn is a animal horn that is hollowed inside. The reason for this is so powder for weapons, such as a musket, can enter the gun. It is an very important piece of art because of how it was used to fight during such an important part of history.
A Hornbook is a piece of wood with words on both sides and covered with a thin sheet of cow horn. They were used to teach young children to read, so they can read the bible. This was very valuable, as it gave children knowledge in reading.
The square piano's main component was made from different types of woods. The Square piano was used to create beautiful pieces of artwork. Some composers would use this piano to make their music. It was important because it created music people would listen to, and like. It would create popular, nice music.
Pomander is a ball that holds perfumes. They were made of silver, gold, or wood. Sometimes they were a fruit, such as an apple or orange. People believed that pomander took out the stench from their cities and homes. The value of the pomander is based on the perfume it carries.
The muskets is a rifle that was used in the colonial times. It had a knife at the end of the rifle which was used for close quarter combat, called the bayonet. The muskets were made of wood and the bayonets were made of steel. The value of this weapon was immense because it meant that the soldiers didn't have to go too close to their enemy. Incase the enemy got, the soldiers can use the bayonet.
A quill pen is a goose feather that is submerged in ink. It was used to write in the colonial times. The feather was used as a pencil, and the ink was used as the lid. The quill pens is valued because it was the tool used the write the highly importants rights we have today.
The lottery tickets were made of paper. They were sold to the colonists for them to be able to win prizes. Lottery tickets are still sold to this day. The prizes are much higher than the lottery sold in the colonial times. Lottery tickets were important because it gave the colonist a chance to win money or other things by testing their luck.
The portraits of historical figures were very important in colonial times. The reason for this is because other people would see their wealth and influence in these portraits. The person being painted had to pose, and be very still. Since we have these important paintings, we can study how artist painted and how the famous people looked.
Silver was something used to make plates, jewlry, pans, and more. Silver was made by the silversmith. It was used as something to eat. It was even used as currency too. Silver is as important today as it was in the colonial times. The value of silver has always been high.
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