The Homestead Act

By: Jediah and Torri

the Homestead act enacted doing the civil war in 1862 provided that any adult citizen or intedded citizen who had never borne arms against the us Government could claim 160 acres of Surveyed Government land
A summary of the New Homestead Act it, the Government giving land to farmers to grow crops and such on land that at the time belonged to the Native Americans. Causing the Indians to get mad and rebel on a way, because they were fighting for their land.
A homestead bill passed the house in 1858 but was defeated by on vote in the senate the next year.
Native Americans would wear war bonnets to show that they are in war and a sign of leadership.
This is another headdress in which they would wear when they were preparing for war and showing a sign of leadership.
THe Buffalo that could not dream is about a little girl that was recieving a message about a family member in trouble so she travels the world and learns about her race and finds her family that is in need.
During the homestead act many women were out in the fields
This is a dress that Indian woman would ware around the village to do their gardening and any other chores.
Many Native Americans were trying to get ready to leave the land they had and so they would carry tabacco because tabacco was a big thing to them.
At the time of the New Homestead Act, signed on May 20,1862, 11 states had left the Union and had joined the south.
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