Texture gives the paintings realism

The different types of texture that the artist gives to there painting sets the over all feeling for there works of art.

The texture that was adding to the Dalbit-Moonshine gives the feeling of realism. Also the technique that was used on the leaves and shading that gave the overall feeling of realism.
The texture that Rembrandt Peale put in the Rubens Peale with a Geranium painting was given a overall short texture. This texture that he used gave the whole realism feeling to it.
The heavy brushstrokes in the Courtyard of the Casa Sorolla gives the viewer a painting that its easy to depicted what it is without heavy edges.
The texture in the Prisoners of War gives it a bumpy feeling. But also how he managed to make this line stokes give a strong out line of a person in the front and fade as it goes back further away.
The Courtyard painting by Eliseu gives a soft tone yet if you look closely you can see that the painting brushstrokes are really heavy.
The painting in the View of Piazza della Vetra in Milan texture is really soft but also with a bunch of small detail and strong edges giving the texture of hard.
The texture in the Ruin Eldena with cottage in the moonlight is another soft painting with a bunch of detail and the texture that Carus put in the cloud gave it the feeling of realism.
The banks of the Viosne at Osny in grey weather by Camille has different textures the clouds and water have a soft feeling to them and the buildings and trees have the most harder edges.
The texture in the Landscape with a Castle before a storm by Ladislav is one of those paintings that take some time to look and find out what the painting is. This is all due to the soft texture.
The texture for the Imperial Fritillaries in a Copper Vase by Vincent has multiple different textures from the dot for the background to the line strokes for the table and the overall realism the vase has.
The texture in the Gasometers at Clichy by Paul has a unique brushstroke to me it looks like its all done by dots. Yet the buildings have a rough feel even though if you loo closely it has the same texture.
The Gully at Low Tide is personally one of my favorites from all the paintings i choose. The texture in it catches your eye and makes you look at every little detail that was painted on it.
The texture that John used for salisbury cathedral from the Bishop's Garden gave's it realism with different brushstrokes to texture the whole painting like the soft texture for the clouds and leafs.
The Delaware Water Gap painting by Thomas has to me two different textures the water has such a soft texture to give it the realism of water. And everything else has a more rough texture for realism.
The Portofino painting gives a soft texture yet the black that was added to this painting gives some areas of this painting a rough edge.
Credits: All media
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