I really like the composition of this picture. I like the color scheme. The overlapping trees gives it a sense of depth.
I like how this is plain yet interesting to look at by the use of contrast.
The color scheme is entertaining. The composition makes your eye move through the whole picture. 
The paint strokes give it a certain feel and mood. As well the style.
Making the bon fire itself the emphasis was smart because the direction of the flame points towards the crowd then around the crowd back the the flame.
I've always liked this artwork because of the style and colors. Theyre more neutral but cool colors.
The placement of the tree made it easier to be the emphasis, but there is stuff in the negative space that catch your attention.
I like the idea of the wolf and moon being both the emphasis.
Even if its ink, I feel that the artist did a good job in contrast and detail.
I like the color scheme and how its isolated.
One of my favorites because of the cubes and vibrant colors.
This artwork looks like utopia to me. Just look so serene and calm. Even though the trees and plants have the strongest colors, it doesnt make it the emphasis. I feel that the emphasis is the rainbow.
I love japanese artwork and the use of negative space is well done because its not completely negative.
The story behind the painting is interesting since it was during the great war.
I love how this is an animated/surreal artwork! It really caught my attention with the colors and composition.
The use of neutral colors and making the water a more vibrant color makes the painting interesting to look at.
I enjoy the idea of this painting. The tiger is isolated, making it the emphasis.
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