Renaissance Perspective

The Burgos cathedral is a Roman Catholic church located in Burgos, Spain. Architectural design is the design of buildings or landscapes. Classical language is the language of classical architecture. Granada is a city in Spain.
Urban design is the art of creating or shaping cities and towns. Central Perspective is the same thing as one-point perspective. Classicizing elements are elements that relate the art to Classicism or anciet artworks. Commission is hiring an artist to create a work for you.
Urbino is a city in Italy. Humanism is the idea that started the Renaissance and later spread through Europe. Intarsia work is a type of wood crafting. The Sienese School is a painting school located in Siena, Italy.
St. Bernarsino was a famous preacher from the Renaissance. Franciscan friars, like Bernardino, followed the teachings of St. Francis. Vecchietta was a famous painter, sculptor, goldsmith, and architect from the Renaissance. Francesco di Giorgio Martini was a painter from the Renaissance that went to the Sienese School.
A transept is a piece of a building that crosses the main part. Neo-gothic style of art is a style that brings back Medieval styles. Oil paint is made from pigment in a drying oil. The abbey of Altacomba is a monestery found in France.
Perez Villaamil was a painter that specialized in landscapes and architectural designs. Oeuvre is the works of a painter or composer. The Sistine Chapel of Valladolid is the home of the Pope in the Vatican city. David Roberts is a scottish painter.
Watercolor paints are made from pigment in a water-soluble base. The Musee du Jeu de Paume is a museum for modern art located in Paris. Realism is attempting to portray the subject of an artwork truthfully. Tuileries is a garden located in Paris near the Musee du Jeu du Paume.
Angelo Rizzoli was an Italian publisher. Giovanni Migliara was an Italian painter in the 19th century. The Piazza del Duomo is a city square located in Florence Italy. The Palazzo Reale is a palace in Milan, Italy.
Tuscany is a region in central Italy. Basilica is an Italian word related to a church. The Borgo Sansepolcro is a town in Tuscany. Northern European art style is the Northern Renaissance style.
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