Okonkwo's LIfe

  Okonkwo is an influential clan leader in Umuofia. Since early childhood, Okonkwo’s embarrassment about his lazy, and careless father, Unoka, has taught him to succeed. Okonkwo’s hard work and prowess in war have earned him a position of high status in his clan, and he attains wealth to support three wives and their children. Okonkwo’s flaw is that he is terrified of looking weak like his father. As a result, he behaves poorly bringing a great deal of trouble and sorrow upon himself and his family.

Chpt 1 PG 2, "In the end Okonkwo threw the Cat. That was many years ago, twenty years or more, and during this time Okonkwo's fame had grown like a bush-fire in the harmattan." Pic warrior; Okonkwo
Chpt 3 PG 12, "The drought continued for eight market weeks and the yams were killed. Okonkwo planted what was left of his seed-yams, and started fresh." Picture shows the craziness of the drought.
Chpt 7 PG 38, "Okonkwo was inwardly pleased at his son's development, and knew it was due to Ikemefuna. Okonkwo encouraged the boys to sit with him in his obi for masculine stories." Pic shows quote
Chpt 9 PG 55, "Ezinma is dying, as Okonkwo sprang from his bed. Ekwefi had 9 of 10 children that died in infancy, Ezinma was the 1. Death, I implore you. But death took no notice." Ezinma's "death"
Chpt 13 PG 90 "A boy lay in a pool of blood, Okonkwo's gun had exploded and a piece of iron pierced the boy's heart. It is a big crime to kill another clansmen, and killer must flee." Okonkwo's shame
Chpt 15 PG 98, "Have you heard, asked Obierika, "Abame is no more?" "The Abame villagers killed an innocent white man on an iron horse, and more came to destroy their village." Emptiness of village
Chpt 17 PG 109, "Okonkwo grips Nwoye by the neck when he realized he was among the other converts to Christianity. Nwoye walked away and never returned to his father, Okonkwo." Umuofia Chuch for Nwoye
Chpt 20 PG 123, "Perhaps I've been away too long. The white men had reinvented the town into something better. Okonkwo was angry the villagers didn't drive the white men out." Okonkwo hates his life.
Chpt 23 PG 136, "Okonkwo warned the others to be fully armed. They unslung their goatskin bags and their sheathed machetes, put them on the floor, and sat down. We shall do no harm- District" Machete
Chpt 25 PG 148, "Okonkwo's body was dangling and the district people stopped dead. We cannot bury him, only strangers can, it's against our custom, said Obierika." Skeleton- Okonkwo had taken his life
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