Samantha Samano Shape Gallery

In this piece of art,we see positive and negative shapes within the top of the painting and the bottom. There are basic shapes but looked fuzzed by the color used.The shapes used on top are positive shapes and tell what has happened which in this case is the Battle of Germany.
Here we see representational shapes.We try to focus in the middle of the painting but they have very similar shapes that we focus on the rest. Also the colors used here make us focus on certain parts of the painting.
In this painting,we see organic shapes because these shapes are used to make these nature elements.Instead of focusing on the little town,the organic shapes of nature stand out more by its color and its shape.
In this piece of artwork, I see the nonobjective shapes because we see basic shapes. Also we see pure forms like simple shapes. We see circles, triangles and curvilinear shapes.
In this artwork, I notice a lot of geometric shapes.There are so many fine lined edges and look like something you would use in an architect blue print of a new building. This also shows the crystal lines with the colors used and how the shapes are used.
In this work of art, we notice curvilinear lines near the bottom portion of the painting. They get smaller throughout the painting. We also notice rectilinear shapes.Also we see high definition shapes because of how bold they are and their size. There is also low definition shapes which are the ones that use soft color shapes and the smaller ones.
In this painting,we see high definition shapes and curvilinear shapes.Like the title of the art is called "Women with the Body of a Guitar",we see how those shapes make up her body form.
In this artwork by Joan Miro,we see how it looks like a young child drew this. What we see is a lot of curvilinear lines along with nonobjective shapes that make this painting as simple as it is.
In this artwork,we see here contains a lot of non objective shapes. All these shapes are mostly squares,rectangles,hexagons,and some curvilinear shapes.All these shapes are used to make a pattern on this rug.
In this painting, we see abstract shapes because of how this contains of still life. Though it is still life,it looks likes these utensils will make up a new product.
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