China's culture

By:Adam Soto

this is a painting of a feast were this guys whole family comes to celebrate with him.
This is a painting of a forest and the trees are dead to make them seem like their dead.
This is a painting of a white man as a slave.
This is a drawing of the messenger of china witch is a story about religion
This is the great wall of china and i thought it had a lot of culture in it.
This is a vase of a 100 deer's and i thought it showed how the wildlife is outstanding there.
I dont really know what this sculpture is but it looks like a woman is praying to a buddha
This looks like a drawing of a chinese family and i think a family is a important part of their culture
This is a picture of a refuge being rounded up in hong kong and i don't think shes chinese
This is a sculpture of amitabha lord of the western paradise one of the most respected buddhas
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