Achievable: Things I could probably draw. 

During my time in art appreciation I was fortunate enough to be introduced to many beautiful artworks. Paintings that open one's imagination, sculptures with extraordinary details and many other beautiful works of art. As I gazed at the artworks I knew that I would never be able to create something as stunning. This gallery that I have put together has art that I think a person with limited artistic skill like myself, might be able to create for themselves.By: Daniel Rico

As you can see this piece of art looks very easy for one with limited skill to create as the gallery progresses you will see artwork that I think increases in difficulty to create.
More stick figure artwork very simple and innocent to look at. This particular piece brings me back to my childhood and brings back memories of the times I would draw my family out of stick figures.
Another easy piece of art. I think it also shows confusion and curiosity. You can see how the stick figure gazes at the blue man with curiosity just like one stares at an artwork for the first time.
I chose this one because I thought it was funny. Once again it doesn't look at all to difficult to create.
This is another piece that does not look too difficult to produce. This artwork also shows diversity among people. And how everyone has something special about ones person/personality.
This piece uses a lot of shapes which I think almost everyone in the world can draw. The difficulty increases because this was done using spray cans. It also reminds me of the movie Monsters Inc.
I picked this piece of street art because of all the colors they really pop out against the dull buildings beside it. And again it does not look that difficult to create.
As you can see all the figures while different sizes still share many similarities.Although to recreate I think I would mess up on the proportions.But with a bit of practice I think its achievable.
Credits: All media
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