Art of Perspective

This is my gallery for the art of perspective, whether it looks real to the eye or plays a trick to the mind. It's up to you how you perceive them.

There are many of these "Sphere" art works on the internet and they are all fascinating. This one shows a field with a town or farmhouse in the distance.
It appears this piece is coming out of the wall, giving you many roads to follow into the forest. If you count them all, there are 48 of them.
The art of perspective is most definitely present here as we can see floating formations in this room. Most intriguing how this was made.
Inside this royal hall, are you seeing a series of pictures inside another one, or from a distance does it all flow together well?
These beautiful archways leading to a garden is truly a sight to behold. It's breath taking artwork complimented with the illusion of being at the entrance.
This interesting piece seems to have arches inside of arches. A neat sketching of a mysterious place.
A place and time only in art, where famous artists and observers come together. An very bright painting with many exquisite pieces of art.
A depiction of a "Rocky Landscape", just as the title states, though it is well done. The landscape seems to visually shrink on the left to show distance, very well done.
An interesting job on this face spread across many different scrolls. Individually, they only show huge blotches of color, but together, they show Hillerova.
I am fond of these, so I had to add another one. This shows many roads leading into a city. An interesting piece for sure.
One of the most grand entrances made for a mystical palace. Tall archways, beautiful textures, and very well depicted distance.
Still life, with shadows and highlights to give depth. Very realistic and very delicious looking, complimentary bad apple in the middle of the bunch. There's always one.
A very daunting piece. I perceive disaster and sorrow from this. This is probably my most favorite one from my collection. The gloom I feel from this is surreal.
A Cathedral in the distance with tall buildings on either side casting huge shadows across the town square. Very beautifully done.
An interesting piece. To me it seems that it might be floating in air a bit. With its' out of focus shadow, then up close and clear subject gives it a feel of levitation.
Credits: All media
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