This piece has a great execution in value and its composition is visually interesting.
The contrast in value make the organic form visually interesting.
The use of contrast with the color of the red sun with the cool mountain is simple, yet visually interesting.
The creativity behind the concept of the piece is very interesting to look at.
Every single detail in this piece is beautiful. I find the compostion to be very interesting.
The contrast between the light and dark values make this artwork very visually interesting.
I really enjoy the style in which the artist used the paint the flower. It seems fragile.
The values in this artwork help emphasize the flowers in their own unique ways.
The soft use of color make this piece very beautiful.
The variety of value within the shirt and hair make this piece visually appealing.
I really enjoy the proportions of the woman's face.
The highlights withing the hair and the clothes make this piece visually interesting.
The way the emphasis is placed in front of the background is visually appealing.
I really like the way the colors are not too bright in this piece. It helps establish the mood.
This piece is very visually interesting, because of the sunset and the repetition of the trees.
I enjoy how creative this piece is. I've never seen anything like it before.
The values withing the red cloth really stand out in this piece. It looks beautiful.
The repitition of the books establish a good rhythim within the atwork. It's visually interesting.
The realism with such a weird and strange concept make this work visually interesting.
I really enjoy the composition of the piece and the way the light source affects the people.
The values withing the man's suit add to the realisitc elements of things that do not exist.
I really enjoy the dynamic compostion. The rooster demands attention, because it is so prominent in the piece.
I enjoy how the crazy concept is executed in a way that makes it look realistic through values and proportions.
I really like the contrast with the color. This artwork is visually intersting, because of the use of color and the amount of people within it.
I really enjoy the fluidity and movement within the piece.
The composition is dynamic and it makes my eyes travel everywhere. I also enjoy the amount of detail on the fruit.
I really enjoy the use of cooler. The contrast with the blue and pinks is really beautiful.
The roughness of the brush strokes is really visually appealing. I love how the colors are blended together, and i enjoy the sense of chaos within this artwork.
I'm not sure what I'm looking at, but it looks really cool. The use of shape is really interesting in this artwork.
The frantic use of line really catches my attention. The artwork keeps my eyes looking everywhere.
The dynamic composition really grabs my attention. My eyes want to follow the lines and where they go.
The variety in the colors used on the woman's body is beautiful. I can see the values in her figure.
This artwork is loud and bold. Whether it be the use of color or the dynamic composition, I really enjoy the way the space is filled.
I love the contrast between the blue and the purple. I want to touch this artwork and make something like it. I think it's beautiful.
Even though the color red dominates this artwork, I feel a sense of balance. I like that the artwork contains the three primary colors of the color wheel. I enjoy the amount of white in the piece.
The use of pattern within the fabrics is really beautiful. The way the colors interact with each other is really appealing.
I really like the use of texture within this artwork. There's a roughness to it that I find to be very visually appealing.
The brushstrokes and the variety in color make this artwork beautiful. I feel a sense of wonder at how bright the moon is.
The combination of color and the sense of flow of the lines make this artwork stand out.
Even though the image itself is quite disturbing, i really think that the use of color is beautiful. The highlights on everyone's faces is really visually appealing.
I really like the contrast between the white and the yellow. Everything seems balanced.
The variety in line and shape creates a visually appealing artwork. The viewer's eye travels throughout the painting and the composition is dynamic.
I really enjoy how geometric this piece is. I also like the contrast in the colors with the shades of red and blue.
I like the sense of depth within this image, and the repetition used with the trees.
I like the contrast between the bright colors (yellow and red) and the duller ones.
I enjoy the sense of depth and subtle use of color.
I enjoy the way the soft colors compliment each other, and I like the simplicity of the shapes.
I enjoy the intensity of the water, and the way the mark making creates a sense of movement.
I enjoy the depth created in the shapes and the use of color.
The use of line is interesting and I like the geometric shapes.
The compositition is dynamic and I enjoy the use of color.
I really enjoy the soft colors and the geometric feeling of the dog. The little streaks of blue in the snow make the image more appealing.
I really enjoy the use of color. The colors create a contrast that emphasize the horse.
I like the organic feel of this image. The colors are limited, but effective.
I enjoy the simplicity and the sense of depth.
I like the triadic color scheme and the simple shapes of the girls.
I like the composition and the depth in this artworks. I also like the ways colors convey mood.
I like the depth and simplicity of this image.
I like the depth and the way the log comes forward.
I enjoy the organic shapes of the rocks and the flowing feeling to this image.
I really like the strong vibrant blue and the limited use of warm colors.
I enjoy the dynamic composition and the loud colors. THe zig zags make my eyes travel throughout this image.
I like the organic shapes in this artwork.
I enjoy the mark-making ans simplicity of this still life. I also enjoy the cool color scheme.
I enjoy the geometric forms and the way the colors compliment each other.