Photography-the Best capturer of the human condition-SBU CLAR 209 SUM 1-Ruh

Photographs are the best and most true way we can capture our lives of motion and change in a single instant. 

The boots. The title walking person is implying more than just walking. These boots are clearly off a worker. Someone with hard worn boots like this has worked and struggled to build something.
To me this piece shows the hard work of people being brought to do something as we will see later in the gallery.
This piece has captured the spirit of fun and self improvement of humans. A practice of behavior, it is our perpetual need to be in motion. Not just useless motion, but involving social interaction and exercise.
In relationship to the previous pictures of laborers. Here is a place where humans can rebuild after an incident. It is a character uniquely human to persevere and rebuild after destruction.
When we take our ability to create along with hard work we can create something beautiful. We can take destruction and from it rebuild great things.
Credits: All media
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