Types of Lines

The following are ten images that I found to represent the element of art, lines.

This piece has lines that express calmness, because of the flowing lines in the water.
The lines in this piece create shapes, texture, and patterns. There is also a lot of color in this piece.
The lines in this sculpture give it texture,and make the rock much more interesting.
The lines in this piece make up letters and numbers, and this type of writing is called calligraphy.
The lines in this piece are colorful, and the colors are very peaceful. The lines that are curvy in this piece are very relaxing as well.
The lines in this piece create patterns, and there are many different colors.
The lines in this piece make square, triangular, and trapeziod shapes, and cube like forms.
The lines in this piece give it some texture, and the different shades give it value.
The line in this piece create a contrast between two very different colors, black, and white.
The lines in this piece really makes it pop,and they give it texture.
Credits: All media
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