Devotional Goodness

A compilation of art pieces that reflect the religion in the past centuries. Gallery created by Laura Olmedo.

This piece shows when Prince Vladimir chose Christianity as a religion. According to old legends, he didn’t like the restrictions of Islam and Judaism so catholic christianity was just all right.
Saint John baptizes the multitudes in an ideal landscape, framed by a tree trunk on each side. The artist approached this religious work from the scenes of his key patrons.
This piece was meant to make the viewer's religious experience personal and encourage the faithful to imagine the physical horror of Christ's Crucifixion. This was dedicated to the Eucharist.
Divine light from the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove illuminates Christ. Also, three angels in various poses being witnesses of the act. Saint John leans as he pours water onto Christ's head.
In this piece, the use of light and shade, saturated colors, and bold gestures dramatically capture the drama of the Resurrection just like is narrated in the Bible.
The Madonna sits on an ornate throne surrounded by angels, some of them playing musical instruments and singing. Christ sits on her lap touching the lilies, a symbol of purity offered by an angel.
This is a religious painting which demonstrates the technique of oil on oak panel. In the foreground you can see lilies that is a metaphor that represents the Virgin's purity.
This represents the aftermath of Saint George's battle with the dragon. Saint George's Christian faith is shown by the color of the blood of the beast's mouth, it also symbolizes the blood of Christ.
This piece, The Immaculate Conception, represents Mary as the only mortal being free of original sin where she appears standing on five cherubim occupying a half moon.
Next to the angels, the Virgin is crowned Queen of Heaven by Christ and God the Father. This artist's pieces are symmetrically positioned, giving balance to the composition.
This piece shows Christ using on the way to his crucifixion, using the crown thorns which is a christian symbol that reminds us of the Passion of the Christ.
Credits: All media
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