China Culture

Atley Watson

This picture shows what some of the architecture in China looks like,and how it is important in their culture.
This photo is the landscape of Sichuan (A Chinese province). It shows how beautiful the landscapes are in China and how important some places are in their culture.
Chinese calligraphy has known to be around 4 to 5 thousand years old and represents the Chinese culture, but also shows how ancestors shaped China into what it has become today.
This is what most artwork looks like in China. Chinese culture is very big on watercolor paintings and artwork in general.
Avalokiteshvara was once a ruler in China in 1,195 BCE. He is known as a "lord" to most Chinese. He is still very much looked up to by the Chinese, and is considered part of their culture.
This is a photo of what an ideal woman would look like, and dress like back in 1368-1644 AD. Clothing like this is still very important in the Chinese culture, and is still worn today.
This is an example of what Chinese artwork looks like. Some Chinese art can sell for millions of dollars.
The Great Wall of China is considered to be one of or if not the most significant artifact in China today. The wall is 2,221 years old and is 13,170 miles long. It's significant to the Chinese culture.
This shows how old buildings and houses can be in China today. It also shows how culture and artwork is important to them.
This is a photo of honors that can be received in China. Whether it be from the military, or something different, things in China differ a lot from our own in America.
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